dance moves emote 1 - Dance Moves

Dance Moves

Dance Moves Express yourself on the battlefield.

This emote is a default one, you get for FREE with any cost.

Dance Moves emote is a cool Fortnite emote that can be used after reaching a milestone during a game session.

The Dancing move emote dancing style inspired by the various dancing moves and steps from the mixture of old-school music and fast beats that have been in existence as far back as the 1970s. Dance Moves emote was inspired by a series of dancing styles that were initially associated with the funk, hip-hop, and breakbeat music. These dancing styles have been influenced by the contemporary dancing trends and create a platform to perfectly blend a wide variety of dancing styles with specific ranges of tempo and beat patterns.

The emote incorporates some unique gestures and rhythms including points and handclaps with highly intricate skills and slow movements thereby making for a perfect and cool way to show off your winning streak with a wide array of pre-selected dance moves.

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Emotes Dance Moves
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