flippin sexy emote 3 1 - Flippin’ Sexy

Flippin’ Sexy

Flippin’ Sexy Flip out!

Can be bought from Cash Shop with 500 V-Bucks.

Flippin sexy is an intriguing emote that is included with the Fortnite: Battle Royale video game.

The Flippin’ Sexy emote depict a character that has the ability to twist, turn, flip in the air, and land in the most unbelievable place to take out the enemy from an unbelievable angle. It is an alluring emote that enables players to throw themselves into a full reverse somersault, before lying on the floor for a minute in an extremely sexy style before going back to its original stature. This emote creates a gesture that can literally blow your opponent away like a breeze and leave them confused while it lasted. Players who know their way around the game can harness this awesome emote to their own benefits. Although the duration of the Flippin Sexy character emote is quite short, it is still long enough for players to cover up in places nobody would reasonably expect them to, thus leaving their opponent in a clueless state.

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