floss emote 1 - Floss


Floss Express yourself on the battlefield.

Requires the player to reach Tier 49 in Season 2 Battle Pass.

This is another Fortnite Battle Royale emoticon that allows you to express yourself on the battlefield.

The Floss emote is represented by a character who moves its hands to and fro repeatedly around a specific position. This dancing style is similar to the Backpack kid dance and has gone viral and become very common in many schools across the United Kingdom ever since it was pioneered.

Initially, the Floss dancing style looks ordinary, but the speed at which it is carried worth is actually breathtaking. The Floss character emote can be brought out to taunt and terrorize your opponents after a hard-earned victory. It can also be used to express great dominance as well as celebrate supremacy over your opponents.

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