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Fresh Express yourself on the battlefield.

Can be bought from Cash Shop with 800 V-Bucks.

Fresh is one of the iconic character emotes that is included with the Fornite Battle Royale video game. It is a dancing emotes that is inspired by the “Carlton Dance” from the popular American Sitcom TV series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that was aired on NBC in the late 1990s

The origin and style of the ‘Carlton Dance’ depicted by the Fresh emote revolves around the trio of Courteney Cox, Bruce Springsteen, and Eddie Murphy. The dancing style is meant to make you look cool, albeit in a silly way, and is based on a 100 percent pure dork where the arms lead the body. This dancing style was displayed when Bruce Springsteen brought Courteney Cox on stage in the “Dancing in the Dark” music video.

Another instance that has made the Carlton dance popular is the infamous Eddie Murphy’s his “White Man Dance” Delirious comedy video from Eddie Murphy Raw.

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