skin 3 - Outfit #3

Outfit #3

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Outfit #3
dance moves emote 1 150x150 - Dance Moves
Dance Moves

Dance Moves Express yourself on the battlefield. This emote is a default one, you get for FREE with any cost....

boneless emoate 1 150x150 - Boneless

Boneless Beyond bendy. Can be bought from Cash Shop with 500 V-Bucks. The Boneless is the name of one of the...

get down glider 9 1 150x150 - Get Down
Get Down

Get Down Can you dig it? Get Down Skins Fortnite is a Fortnite glider inspired by the dance floor. Do...

lollipopper pickaxe 150x150 - Lollipopper

Sweet, sweet, victory. Requires the player to reach Level 46 in Season 4 Battle Pass. The Lollipopper is the name...