Power Grip - Power Grip

Power Grip

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Power Grip
dark voyager outfit 9 1 150x150 - Dark Voyager
Dark Voyager

From the vast darkness of deep space. Requires the player to reach Tier 70 in Season 3 Battle Pass. The...

crazy castle spray 150x150 - Crazy Castle
Crazy Castle

Crazy Castle Leave your mark. The Crazy Castle Sprays skins is the name of one of the Sprays for the...

petunia glider hd 9 1 150x150 - Petunia

Petunia For when you’re a pretty flower on a quest for vengeance. Petunia Skins Fortnite is a glider skin in...

close shave pickaxe 150x150 - Close Shave
Close Shave

A stylish pickaxe with bolt on tips. Can be bought from Cash Shop with 800 V-Bucks. The Close Shave is...