poised playmaker outfit 9 - Poised Playmaker

Poised Playmaker

Playmaker Poised to represent your country in style!
The Poised Playmaker is the name of one of the rare female sportswear themes for the Fortnite Battle Royale game. Rare Playmaker Rare Skins are one of the game’s custom skins that can be changed into many designs and patterns. This leather is designed to commemorate the 2018 World Cup Soccer. The design kit available for Playmaker Poised is similar to the Midfield Maestro.
The Poised Playmaker is a customizable female soccer player outfit that can be changed to represent different countries. This outfit can be set to highlight numbers from 0 to 99 and the player can also choose a country that represents the effect on the outfit and color in the long list of choices. The only major difference between this costume and all other costumes included in the set is the character’s look and feel. The Poised Playmaker has a beautiful woman with brown hair. There is also a country / country called “Fortnite” that represents the default color theme and model of the outfit. Note that the list of selectable types does not include the full list of participating countries played in the 2018 World Cup.

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Outfits Skins Poised Playmaker
SET: Goalbound

The costume is part of the Goalbound set. If you have already obtained the first promotional items, you can still claim the second one.

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